Litters – Puppies


Mazie with her gorgeous newborn brood in 2008


Litters – Puppies
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2017 Moki x Jasmine – the “Newsboys Songs” litter

2016: Brooks x Mercy – the “Marvel & DC Comics” litter

2015: Mac x Tutu – the “Heart” litter

2013: Bandit x Tutu – the “Summer” litter

2012: Graffiti x Mazie – the “CCM Bands” litter

2011: Jack x Duet – the “October” litter

2009: Burghley x Mazie – the “Hot” litter

2008: Guido x Mazie – the “Italian Love Songs” litter

2007: Scoop x Dena repeat – the “Duet” litter of one

2006: Scoop x Dena – the “Solo” litter of one

2004: Quejica x Maggie – the “Favorite Hymns” litter

2002: Beau x Joy – our first whippet litter!

Please check out our “Favorite Links” page for more info on whippets, particularly the section titled “More important information for puppy seekers”.  We have a questionnaire for potential puppy owners and a puppy sale contract which we are glad to send out upon request.  Send an e-mail re: puppy questionnaire or re: puppy contract: here.

A very well-fed 4-day-old puppy in 2006