2015 Litter – Mac x Tutu

FC Sithean Mactalla Mo’r Of Bluenote, WRCh, ORC , FCh x BIF Longrun’s Too Hot To Handle, CRX-4, OTRM-2, FCh (WRCh and ORC pointed)

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The puppies have arrived! Seven beauties born Nov. 27, 2015!

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Mac is a young dog that has it all: he is handsome, fast, moderate, and has a powerful pedigree and a delightful, endearing personality. Although he’s very competitive in racing and lure-coursing, he easily makes friends with everyone he meets, both human and canine. Bred by Dale Healy and Cheryl Shomo, Mac is owned by Gerald (Jerry) Burrus. He is N/N for the Myostatin Deficiency (normal, non-carrier). We’re thrilled to be adding pups sired by this wonderful dog to our Longrun family!
Tutu is our little sweetheart from our 2009 Burghley x Mazie litter. She is lovely, keen, fast and a delight to live with. We are very proud to have bred and raised this adorable girl, whose accomplishments include winning the 2011 Bruiser Cup, and going Best In Field over Field Champions in her first ASFA field trial, and producing a beautiful litter for us in 2013. She has tested normal for BAER, CERF, Cardiac (echo), and Thyroid, and is N/N for the Myostatin Deficiency (normal, non-carrier).