Mac & Tutu Pups – 6 Weeks

The “Heart” Litter

The pups are growing and going strong!

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The past week has been very eventful for our seven little darlings. They have been enjoying their trips outside, eating big meals, playing hard, and sleeping hard. They also had a journey in our van to visit the vet for a check-up and their first vaccination. Our vet declared all of them healthy and adorable, and all three boys have their “parts” in the right places – yay!

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I apologize for the poor lighting in the posed photos. It’s tough to take good photos indoors in the wintertime, with no natural light. That’s just one more thing that’s more difficult about winter pups, but we’ll do the best we can. Some of the pups were not nearly tired enough to cooperate with our attempts to get them to stand still, but I hope you’ll enjoy the cuteness, anyway!