Mac x Tutu Pups Growing Up

Growing up gorgeous, keen, and cuddly!

Our lives here at Longrun have become exponentially more interesting with the addition of two young siblings to our household, and we are having a blast watching Hero and Selah grow and learn.

On previous pages for this litter, you may have noticed that we were seeking the right home for Pup 6, Hero. Well, as it turns out, he was already in it! We knew he was a very special boy, and were extremely picky in going over applications, rejecting one after another as just not quite what we wanted for him. Finally, we realized he had both of us wrapped around his cute little pinky toes, and neither of us wanted to part with him. So, our “firm” determination to keep only one puppy flew right out the window, and our little Hero has joined his sister Selah as a “keeper”!