Brooks & Mercy Pups – 2 Weeks

DC Longlesson Indian Summer, SC x U-Ch Longrun’s Mercy Me, CR

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Big changes have occurred this week for Mercy and her nine little ones! All of the pups are growing well, opening their eyes, and getting more and more active. Some were even venturing out of the wading pool, so the move into the dog room came none to soon! Hopefully, the 4 ft. tall pen will keep them contained for the necessary amount of time. I hope you will enjoy the photos!

Fun candid pics from our second week:

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We made a valiant first attempt at posed 2-week photos, which was much like staking cooked spaghetti. Live, squirming cooked spaghetti! So, please keep in mind that these photos are meant to show the puppies’ markings, NOT their structure. Some were even less cooperative than others, as you can tell by the blurriness and general lack of anything close to standing. Anyway, they sure are cute!

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Note: there is a waiting list for this litter, but some puppies may still be available. Serious inquiries are always welcome, especially for show or performance. See the “Available Whippets” page for contact information.