Brooks & Mercy Pups – 3 Weeks

DC Longlesson Indian Summer, SC x U-Ch Longrun’s Mercy Me, CR

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We have a THEME and baby names for this litter!

Introducing: the Longrun & Longlesson “Marvel & DC Comics” litter!

Sight, sound, ACTION! The pups are getting up on their legs and toddling around now, exploring each other and the world of the puppy pen with increasing interest. This is such a fun age to watch, as they interact more and more, beginning to play and “battle” each other. It’s always hysterical to see a tiny pup prepare to pounce on a sibling, only to fall over in the attempt. Their chubby bodies and little legs just aren’t quite up to it yet, but they will soon be learning how to use all of their parts to become fearsome wrestlers. I hope you will enjoy the photo journey through their third week of life, as well as this week’s attempt at posed shots.

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I had a theme in mind for Mercy’s first litter before they were born, but when the first pup emerged with a very cool marking on his little rump, several people said, “Batman!” So, after some consideration, we went in a different direction for our theme, and have chosen temporary baby names to fit. I don’t know if any will stick for the rest of their lives, but I hope some will, especially for our little Batman. It’s just too perfect for him!

This week, after trying to “stack” Pup #1 without much success, I had the brilliant idea of conducting the weekly “photo shoot” just after the puppies were fed their evening mush and Mercy had nursed them. They would then be very full, content, and less squirmy, right? Right! Also sleepy. Very, very sleepy. So, rather than hold them up, we opted for more relaxed poses:

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