Brooks & Mercy Pups – 4 Weeks

DC Longlesson Indian Summer, SC x U-Ch Longrun’s Mercy Me, CR

The Marvel & DC Comics Litter

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Whew! This has been a busy week, as the pups are now being fed (by us) at least 3 times daily, and clean-up is also falling more into our hands. Mama Mercy is still nursing them regularly, and doing what she can to help keep them clean. We are looking forward to next week, when we will start herding these pups outside and hopefully begin to trigger potty training. (Yay!)

Meanwhile, we are enjoying the antics of these beautiful, curious, and exuberant youngsters! It’s such fun to watch them learn to interact with each other and the world around them, as well as with us. Spending time on the floor with them is a fun, if sometimes ouchie, pass time. Those little baby teeth are sharp, but hopefully they will soon learn not to bite the humans. Mouthing is the natural way for them to explore and play, so this is a big lesson for them, but a very important one.

This weeks’ offering of photos is all of fun and adorable candid shots, sometimes a bit blurry, but still always cute. Enjoy!

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Note: there is a waiting list for this litter, but some puppies may still be available. Serious inquiries are always welcome, especially for show or performance. See the “Available Whippets” page for contact information.