Brooks & Mercy Pups – 5 Weeks

DC Longlesson Indian Summer, SC x U-Ch Longrun’s Mercy Me, CR

The Marvel & DC Comics Litter

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It has been another eventful week for our intrepid little comic book stars, filled with exciting new experiences, visitors, toys, solid foods, and fun-tastic paper shredding! The pups are now getting steady on their chubby little legs, and attempting to crawl, hop, climb, and zoom their way into every possible nook and cranny of our “dog room”, which is also my sewing room. There are, of course, some places I would rather they NOT get into, but it’s becoming very difficult to corral the little beasties. Whippet pups are so athletic and determined! I must say, though that I greatly enjoy watching them think and tackle new situations and any obstacles in their paths. These babies are smart!

We have begun taking the puppies outside, and they have a blast running around and exploring. There are two huge advantages: 1) any potty that happens out there is that much that less we have to clean up inside our house, and 2) all that fresh air renders them totally zonked for a long time! Plus, it’s super fun watching our tiny super heroes dash around and have new experiences.

Once again the photos are all candid shots, so here is a glimpse into our 5th week with these little cuties – enjoy!

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Note: there is a waiting list for this litter, but some puppies may still be available. Serious inquiries are always welcome, especially for show or performance. See the “Available Whippets” page for contact information.