Brooks & Mercy Pups – 6 Weeks

DC Longlesson Indian Summer, SC x U-Ch Longrun’s Mercy Me, CR

The Marvel & DC Comics Litter

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We have had another fun week with the world’s most adorable super heroes! They are becoming pros at making the trip out to the back yard, navigating the turns, doorways, and stairs well for their diminutive sizes. They definitely love going out, and usually start hollering for us when they wake up from a nap. This is a very good thing! We like it when puppies begin to ask to go out, especially if they are learning to “hold it” until they get there! We had a couple of cool, stormy days this week, when we couldn’t take them out as often as they were used to, and they didn’t like it at all. When we did manage to get them outside between rain showers, they had a great time experiencing wet grass, puddles, and mud. A really great time. It rained for most of the day on Friday, when they turned 6 weeks, so when you scroll down to the posed photos, you’ll see some dirty spots here and there, which I promise was mud, not something smellier. The sun had finally put in an appearance, so I couldn’t resist the chance to have an outdoor photo session in natural light, mud and all. First, I will share some candid photos, and I hope you will enjoy some of the highlights of our week!

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Now for the posed photos. Please keep in mind that I am NOT good at “stacking” puppies, so what they look like in these photos is NOT a reliable indication of their structure. We will have much better shots of them in the next couple of weeks, when I’ll have the help of more talented people, but for now, just enjoy the cuteness of these squirmy pups.

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Note: there is a waiting list for this litter, but some puppies may still be available. Serious inquiries are always welcome, especially for show or performance. See the “Available Whippets” page for contact information.