2017 Litter – Moki x Jasmine

Windwalker Okemos, CRX x Longrun’s Summer Breeze, WRCh, OTR

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The puppies have arrived! Born September 7, 2017!

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Moki is a wonderful young dog bred by Mike & Amy Downey and Karen Estis, and owned by us (William & Sally Long) and Amy Downey. We are thrilled to have this sweet, funny, athletic, and gorgeous boy living with us here at Longrun. A couple of years ago, we were very impressed with Moki’s sire, Yuma, and hoped to bring his Windwalker pedigree into our home by breeding Jasmine’s mama to him. When that attempt didn’t “take”, and plans to try again had to be delayed, we were extremely disappointed. Meanwhile, Yuma was successfully bred to Windwalker Mariah, bringing two sides of Windwalker together – a combination we couldn’t pass up.  This brindle boy is everything we could have hoped for: the handsome image of his sire, a keen and determined racer, very moderate size and structure, and an absolute delight to live with. Being smaller than the average dog on the race track, he has had some bumps along the way, but has already earned 9.2 points toward his WRCh title. We have high hopes that he will be able to complete that championship in the fall racing season, and begin serious work on titles in other running venues.

We are grateful to Mike, Amy, and Karen for allowing us to welcome Moki into the Longrun family, giving us the joy of raising, training and overseeing his racing career, and now the opportunity to blend his pedigree with Jasmine’s! We adore this boy from his white-streaked snout to the tip of his wag-wag-waggy tail, and we’re very excited to see what the future will hold!

Moki is BAER (hearing), OFA Eyes, and OFA Cardiac (echo) normal.

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Jasmine is a special girl, and she knows it! She wrapped us around her little paws as a baby puppy, and we’re still firmly entangled. This beautiful seal-colored girl has given us much to be proud of. A multiple Fun Match winner, including a huge WRA National Fun Match, she has proven herself to be not just another pretty face by earning her Whippet Racing Championship. This title takes speed and brains, and for a girl, timing can be a problem – especially the timing of heat cycles. Poor Jas missed many racing weekends due to being in heat or in the dreaded post-heat slump, but when she was finally able to race for several weekends, the points came. She is our first racing Champion here at Longrun!

In addition to racing, Jasmine is also a champion snuggler, and an all-around wonderful girl. She has learned to be a great announcer, always letting us know when we have company, and she’s very protective of her humans and her canine pack. With her deep voice, which she had even as a little pup, she can sound fierce, but once visitors are properly introduced, she’s all wags and kisses. She makes me laugh with her antics, and her powerful, sleek build and moderate structure are beautiful to behold. Bill and I can hardly wait to meet her first litter, and watch them grow into the lovely, fast, adorable whippets they are bound to become!

Jasmine is BAER (hearing), OFA Eyes, and OFA Cardiac (echo) normal.

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