Moki & Jasmine Pups – 5 Weeks

Windwalker Okemos, CRX x Longrun’s Summer Breeze, WRCh, OTR

The “Newsboys” Litter

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Our little bundles are becoming tiny doggies, growing and experiencing new things. They have weathered a trek through the roller-coaster of back roads to one of our local race meets without any fuss, and had their first time outside in the grass. My daily to-do list includes lots of puppy activities now, with more to come as they grow. This week we will start herding them outside into our back yard several times a day, which is always a challenge at first. Let the games begin!

We did manage to get some posed photos this time, but I use the term “posed” very loosely, as they were not in the least cooperative. Oh, well, they are cute, and the individual photos show off some of their cool markings.

First, some candid pics:

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Now the individual photos – not to be used to judge structure at this age and level of non-cooperation. 😉

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