Moki & Jasmine Pups – 6 Weeks

Windwalker Okemos, CRX x Longrun’s Summer Breeze, WRCh, OTR

The “Newsboys” Litter

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It has been another fun week of growing, learning, and having new experiences for our intrepid little whipper-snappers! They have learned to hop over the threshold of their pen and scamper to the door to go outside, and to navigate the back porch steps. Getting them outside at first was very like trying to herd cats, but now they are pros at going out and coming back in. They are eating well and spending more time playing, and greatly enjoy interacting with Bill, me, and any visitors that will risk their tiny teeth. The pups enjoy tugs, squeakies, and crackly water bottles, as well as shoelaces, pant legs, and human hair. Since we have been suffering drought conditions, the pups also get to enjoy the thrill of rolling in dirt. Oh, yay!

Here are some fun shots from the past week, followed by our humble attempt at stacked photos. Enjoy!

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And now for the posed photos, taken after a good romp outside, so I hope you don’t mind a little dirt:

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