Moki & Jasmine Pups – 8 Weeks

Windwalker Okemos, CRX x Longrun’s Summer Breeze, WRCh, OTR

The “Newsboys” Litter

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The past eight weeks have flown by way too quickly, and the time has come to start making big decisions for our little pups. Their lives so far have been filled with fun, traveling and making friends, hanging out at the farm, playing with numerous toys (and leaves and sticks and paper shreds…), and learning life lessons from their wonderful mama. Now they are ready for the start of their greatest adventure, that of finding their very own families to love and thrive in.

All of the pups scored pretty well in their structural evaluations, even though the photos may not show it. They are race pups, after all, and not show pups, so we haven’t made “stacking” practice a priority. Still, I hope you can see the consistently solid quality of this litter. Best of all, they all proved to have sound, confident, friendly temperaments. We could hardly be more pleased with them!

We have chosen our “keeper”, and have also made life plans for a couple others. So many important decisions to be made!

First, some fun photos from the puppies’ 8th week of life:

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Now the posed photos – well, sort of posed! 😉

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